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For far too long, Michigan Republican elected officials have remained passive. They have tolerated power-grabs by the Left by remaining silent, accepting half-measures, cutting deals, submitting to special interest pressures, and refusing to stand for conservative principles.

This has resulted in a fractured base that is disillusioned and enraged with the status quo from the Michigan Republican Party. The People see our culture being decimated, growing institutional oppression against conservatives, a nation that no longer resembles the noble vision laid out by our Founding Fathers, and so-called “leaders” who refuse to fight to protect our core freedoms.

This is a GOP that serves the globalist corporate elite. This is a GOP that has acquiesced to national decline. This is a GOP defined by its acceptance of corruption. This is a GOP that stabs its constituents in the back for political gain. This is a GOP that dances to the tune of the Democrat media complex. This is a GOP that has become obsolete. We need to get our party in order if we expect to achieve the success needed to save our state, our country, and our civilization. This is why the Grand New Party has formed.

The Grand New Party is the cure for the problems within Michigan politics. It is not enough to just defeat the Democrats. We need America First champions representing us in the Republican Party fighting for We The People. The Grand New Party is building the infrastructure to challenge RINOs, provide support for America First champions, and give the Lansing Establishment a day-in and day-out opposition in order to dismantle the lobbyist-dominated system.


The culture of corruption changes now.

We have been subjected to indignities beyond our worst nightmares. We are expected to sit quietly as our rights are robbed from us hoping that, if we remain silent, we will not be cannibalized by the vicious and selfish mob. The ruling elite demands we accept and internalize their sinister values, develop Stockholm Syndrome, succumb to their false reality, develop cognitive dissonance, and mindlessly obey the New Order.

The Radical Left’s demoralization agenda persists on all fronts. My body, my choice–unless it means being coerced to take experimental medical treatments. Diversity and tolerance–except if you are a conservative Christian. Love and acceptance–unless Jesus Christ is your savior. Freedom and democracy–by kneeling beneath a permanently entrenched ruling class. There are countless examples. We are facing Orwellian repression that intensifies with each passing day as the people grow helpless and retreat from the arduous battles, believing the odds seem too daunting to overcome.

Ignoring the problem or believing that what we are going through is only a “phase” or a “trend,” has only worsened our situation. Government never usurps authority with the intent to return it to the people. A global plan to radically transform society, a “New Normal,” is at hand, and apathy will only ensure its effectiveness. We have arrived at the precipice where, if we do not fight now, then very soon we will no longer have a Republic. A great deal of damage has already been done. A war is being waged, but it currently seems only one side is willing to do what takes to win.

The Grand New Party has been created to take the lead in this culture war, and our vision is to fight boldly, intelligently, and relentlessly. We staunchly reject status quo Establishment Republican politics. The Grand New Party opposes the Uniparty agenda in Michigan that has given us higher spending, more government control, bailouts for corporations, cover-ups, scandals, and a general contempt for the rights of the people – regardless of who has or has not been elected. There have been lone voices speaking out, often under immense pressure and scrutiny. Now, WE shall apply the pressure. WE will harness patriotic energy to produce tangible results heading into 2024 and beyond.

WE DEMAND our Republican elected officials advance aggressively, even if in the minority, even with a Democrat governor, regardless of the circumstances. It is unacceptable for Republicans to sit silently, refusing to champion measures that help the people. Too many Republican elected officials are afraid of backlash from the media, lobbyists, special interests, RINO leaders, and even the far-left opposition for doing what is right. The Grand New Party makes sure Republicans take courageous positions and rise above the attacks. We loudly expose backroom schemes in order to build public pressure and change the way the game is played in Lansing.

WE STAND against third-party distractions that only help Democrats. We will not make the perfect the enemy of the good. Too often there have been Libertarian or US Taxpayers Party candidates who have subverted good causes, undermined quality candidates, and wasted the time and efforts of well-meaning activists. We are focusing our efforts, as President Donald Trump suggested, on remaking the Republican Party into a solidly America First party – much like Governor Ron DeSantis has done brilliantly in Florida. The Grand New Party is the galvanizing force that will finish the job remaking the Michigan GOP in this manner. We create conservative victories in Republican primaries, and achieve Republican victories in the general election. Any distractions only make both of these goals more difficult.

WE SUPPORT grassroots efforts forging liberty in local communities and counties. While much of our work will focus on the Lansing swamp, what is most important is our communities. We MUST take Michigan back precinct-by-precinct. Success in the precincts – registering voters, educating the public, recruiting and engaging delegates, taking over school boards, putting local leaders on notice – will resonate upward and eventually drain the swamp in the State Capitol. This is why we will be supporting candidates for school board and county commission as well as state representative races. We exist to complement local efforts, providing guidance and monetary support that will expose fault lines within our political process. Our work will assist activists in understanding the proper role of government, changing perceptions, and achieving lasting success.

WE WILL NO LONGER be isolated and made to feel our voices do not matter. No longer will we be pitted unwittingly against our fellow Michiganders while the bipartisan criminal class ruthlessly destroys our Constitutional Republic. We will achieve unity. Not the top-down version of unity we have been sold by political elites, but true grassroots patriot unity – unified in our scorn against the tyrants who hide behind privileged positions of government authority to impugn the rights of We the People. Let our righteous passion be the motivating engine and the enduring truth be our tempering force as we lead Michigan out of the abyss and into the light.


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