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What is a Grand New Party ‘Founding Father’?


A Founding Father of the Grand New Party is one of our core members who are stakeholders in our state’s revitalization and renewal.

A GNP Founding Father is the equivalent of the men who put their names down on the parchment to sign the Declaration of Independence. They did so risking their reputations, their fortunes, and even their lives. We do not have to make such a sacrifice to save freedom in our state, or at least not yet.

But make no mistake about it: We are at the same sort of crossroads in our state, in our country, and in our civilization. We are on the downward slide toward tyranny. With each electoral failure, with every time we tolerate corruption and look the other way, in each instance where we take the path of least resistance instead of fighting the good fight, we ensure our national destruction. The time to stand is now.

“The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” – Thomas Paine

The time is now to fight through the social pressure, refuse to be cowed by the propaganda, and put your time and treasure toward the cause of liberty as your heroic ancestors once did. By generously giving a four-figure donation, you will establish yourself as a Founding Father helping to establish a firm foundation for our organization to achieve our noble goals.

If we hit our benchmark of securing at least 100 Founding Fathers for the Grand New Party, we will be able to hit the ground running and send a powerful message to the established powers that we have the momentum and are on the rise. Starting with our Precinct Protection Plan to protect the power of the delegate, which is our first of many initiatives, against attacks that are being plotted from the establishment, we will steadfastly and methodically enact an agenda that will reinvent Michigan politics, similar to what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has done in Florida.

Our other initiatives include the coordination of a statewide activist network, consisting of a bare minimum of 50 talented, engaged, all-star activists, working together to create the North Star for the America First movement in Michigan. We will create a level of sophistication and coordination within our movement that will rival the Left’s organizational prowess. Our goals are to create an America First ranking system for lawmakers, foment educational campaigns on key issues starting with Protecting Life, create an extensive reporting operation from a grassroots perspective, award activist certifications in key skills to move the movement forward, and of course giving endorsements and donations to candidates who abide by our core principles.

Our core principles include nullifying unlawful federal acts, reducing power of unelected bureaucrats, increasing transparency and accountability, affirming election integrity, ending corporate welfare, supporting sound monetary policy, securing unalienable rights, respecting and empowering law enforcement, protecting the dignity of children and parental rights, and ensuring energy independence. This is what we will be grading lawmakers on and rewarding or punishing them accordingly depending on their votes and their actions.

Through your investment in our state’s future, we will rely on you to be our eyes and ears on the ground. You will be a bonafide partner in our group, working as an adjunct to propel our mission to success. You will be kept in close contact in order to hold us to our mandate, and in turn, we will rely on you to build our standing within the community. There will be regular Founders’ dinners, an annual George Washington day event where the Founders will be VIP guests of honor, and regular conference calls to discuss important business for the state.

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