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is the grand new party pac a third party?

No, we are working to renew the Republican Party from within. Our name is a play on the “Grand Old Party,” which is a name used to refer to the Republican Party. The Grand New Party PAC is supporting the best conservatives within the Republican Party.

Do you financially support national candidates?

No, we only give financial support to candidates in the state of Michigan. We are a state-based independent political action committee that is focused on changing Michigan politics. Our intent is to build the America First movement from the local level on up.

Do you support the Michigan Republican Party?

Yes, we believe that what has been done with the Michigan Republican Party have been great steps in the right direction. The grassroots has taken power at the state level and in most district and county parties as well – this is the start of something great. The Grand New Party PAC exists to support strong, proven, vetted conservative candidates in the state legislature, county commission and school boards. This is what will take the momentum we have built in the Michigan Republican Party and build upon it through the inaction of conservative policy goals.

Why is your PAC necessary?

There are powerful money groups – such as the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) – that pull the strings for lawmakers. They give money to candidates who play the game with lobbyists and special interests and withhold that money for strong conservatives who are principled constitutionalists. The Grand New Party PAC is raising money to offset the negative influence of the HRCC and similar groups. We are giving the resources to candidates so they will feel empowered to do the right thing. This is how we defeat institutional corruption and renew the Republican Party from within.

How are you helping rebuild the grassroots?

We are offering trainings to activists in order to give them skills they need to reach new voters. It is not enough to preach to the choir. We have to convince the public that our side is right, or we will lose. We are doing regular Zoom calls with leaders from throughout the state on crucial topics. We are also offering in-person training on citizen journalism, using digital platforms effectively, and other crucial topics. We have our Compact program to give patriot-run county and district organizations the tools they need to succeed. The Grand New Party PAC is doing the foundational work needed to save our state.

What is your position on Election Fraud?

The 2020 election was marred with fraud that was covered up and never properly investigated. That fraud almost certainly put Joe Biden in the White House illegitimately. But while it is true that Republicans have lost elections because of election fraud, but that is not the only reason we lose elections. We have lost elections because of bad messaging, poor tactics, and extreme disunity among the grassroots. The Grand New Party PAC is promoting a coherent vision for how we can rebuild and create a viable Republican Party that will be ready to take back control of the state after the people feel the pain caused by Democrat rule.

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